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Simadyn D Control SystemSIMADYN D is a well-proven subrack-based system (Rack Based), with a modular hardware and software design. This means that it can be configured for any type of application.

SIMADYN D distinguishes itself due to the various packaging types with subracks which are suitable for small extending up to high requirements. Not only this, but also the matching modules for closed-loop control, input/output and communications.

The subracks with up to 24 slots have two high-performance 16- bit backplane buses for fast data transfer between the individual modules.

In addition to user-friendly engineering using graphic program techniques, users have all of the advantages of a system which has proven itself admirably in the widest range of applications for over a decade.

Graphic engineering
For many years now, using SIMADYN D, control concepts have been developed, implemented and tested on the target system with the graphic STEP 7, and CFC engineering tools and, as an option, SFC – and that directly on the screen.

These advantages have a positive impact in all of the phases of a project:

• Standard tools for engineering/configuring, testing, commissioning, service and maintenance as well as when making changes and expanding the functionality
• Configuring instead of programming: Suitable function blocks, e.g. for closed-loop control, arithmetic operations, input/out- put, communication or diagnostic tasks, are selected from a library and are located as graphic symbol directly on the “work- sheet” on the screen. These function blocks are then interconnected using the mouse or are parameterized. A high- performance auto router immediately visualizes the signal flow which has been entered

Because of its excellent performance, SIMADYN D is especially suitable for all applications where a high control dynamic response and arithmetic accuracy are required or where a high level of functionality is required.

SIMADYN D can be used for the widest range of applications and industry sectors as it can be freely configured and because of its extensive range of modules:

• Closed-loop torque, speed and position control for converter- fed DC and three-phase drives. For example, for synchronous operation, dancer or tension controls, winders, multi-motor drives, gearbox/motor test stands, complex set point calculations and closed-loop control for cross-cutters, “break-proof” electronic shafts
• High precision rolling mill drives
• Hydraulic drives with a high dynamic response
• Special applications using converters, e.g. for closed-loop excitation current control, high voltage DC power transmission, static reactive power compensation equipment

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