Allen-Bradley Flex IO 1794-ID2


The 1794-ID2  Flex I/O Counter Module by Allen-Bradley operates with a 2 Wire Category and a 2 ms Input Pulse Width. The module has 2 Inputs and a 150 mA @ 12V DC External DC Supply Current. ECF Automation carries a full line of new and used Flex I/O modules. If your part number is not listed email or call (800) 229-8119 for assistance.

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Flex I/O Overview

FLEX I/O is a Distributed I/O System that connects to several Networks including EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet.Flexible, low-cost, modular I/O for distributed applications. FLEX I/O offers all the functions of larger, rack-based I/O without the space requirements.

Independently select the I/O, termination style, and network to meet your application needs.Two separate connection terminals for field power let you daisy-chain power connections to adjacent terminal bases.One adapter communicates with up to eight I/O modules.

Allows connection to:

  • 256 digital input/output points, or
  • 96 analog input/output points, or
  • mix of I/O to meet your needs.

Modularity of FLEX I/O system provides choice of network and ease of expansion. The wiring terminations are done almost entirely on the terminal base. Terminal base termination selection includes screw-clamp, spring-clamp, and cage-clamp to wire directly to 2-, 3-, or 4-wire devices. Additional options of D-shell, knife disconnect, and fused terminal bases are available.Adjustable keyswitch prevents incorrect module insertion into a preconfigured terminal base.

Terminal bases can be exchanged without moving other bases in your system.If desired, connect individual power supplies to each base to isolate modules. Plug the I/O module into the terminal base to connect the I/O bus and field devices.Remove and insert modules under power. No direct wiring to the module enables you to change modules without disturbing field wiring or system power. Mix and match I/O modules. There is a wide variety of digital, analog, and specialty modules.Each FLEX I/O system contains at least one adapter, one terminal base, and one I/O module.

You can power the system with a FLEX power supply (1794-PS13 or -PS3), a 1606 switched mode power supply, or any other compatible power source. Use the terminal block on the terminal base to wire your field devices directly.

Wiring directly saves you:
• installation and testing time
• multiple, long wiring runs and external terminal blocks
• control cabinet panel space

FLEX I/O provides additional savings if system problems develop. Combining your field-wiring terminations and the I/O interface into the same location saves you time and money by making your system easier to maintain and troubleshoot. Additionally, the full-featured FLEX I/O system lets you, in non-hazardous location, remove and insert modules under backplane power without disrupting your system.

Your FLEX I/O system can communicate on EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, and many other open networks including, but not limited, to Remote I/O and PROFIBUS DP. Adapters and other components are available for adding to your system as your specific application requirements change.


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